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Unit for automatic injection and fraction collection in preparative and flash chromatography


SPIDER allows automation of flash and preparative applications. It can be controlled using PC program, just as using PC keyboard.

SPIDER is connected to chromatographic system, which is controlled by program COMAC SW.

An input three-way solenoid valve is connected before pump. Solvent goes to the pump through valve B. For sample injection is the valve A switched on for a programmed time. The valve C is used for column washing.

An output six-way solenoid valve is connected to the detector output. Wanted fractions are collected by switching on of the various positions of the output six-way valve.

At the back panel connector are pins that can be switched on by the program ECOMAC. They can be used for control of next units, for example, for external valve switch on when column is washed.

Fraction selection is done by means of ECOMAC functions:

  • control by means of time table
  • control based on peak detection at chosen signal

SPIDER main features:

  • Unit simplicity
  • Easy programming of fraction collection
  • Possibility to connect electronically controlled valve for a flow reversion when column is washed
  • Valve position display

Manual valves control from PC keyboard by developed method


Diagram of SPIDER connected into a system




Mixing valves

1x 3 ways 1x 6 ways

Maximum operating pressure

1.3 bar (0.13 MPa, 20 psi)

Wetted materials


Thread for tubing connection


Connection tubing OD


Number of switched output contacts


Maximal voltage at switched contacts

35 V

Maximal current at switched contacts

50 mA



Power supply

100, 115, 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

20 VA

Dimensions (W x H x D)

220 x 170 x 450 mm


3 kg

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