Name: UV/VIS Detector
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Is a detector with continuously variable wavelength in the range of 190 – 600 nm and a noise level ± 0.35 x 10-6 AU. The unit may be used for routine analytical chromatography as well as for preparative chromatography, according to the selected cell. The unit is easy to operate, reference and sample signals are available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours. Output signal is available in both digital and analogue form on the output connector. It is possible to control the unit using the keypad or an RS232 interface Connecting capillaries are led from the detector’s right side panel. The detector is equipped with a high standard deuterium lamp in a special socket that enables easy changing. Wavelength can be programmatically changed during the performance of an analysis. The detector performs automatic wavelength calibration after the lamp has been switched on. A cell is included as a component of the detector


Wavelength range

190 - 600 nm

Spectral half-width

6 nm

Accuracy of adjustment

± 1 nm


± 0.5 nm

Light source

Deuterium discharge lamp

Noise level at empty cell (240 nm, TC 1 s)

± 0,35 x 10-6 AU

Drift at empty cell (240 nm after 1 h)

1x 10-4 AU/hr

Materials in contact with mobile phase

PTFE; fused silica, stainless steel, Vespel, PEEK

Time constant

Fast, middle and slow


3 change of wavelength during analysis

Adjustable offset

± 50 mV

Output for integrator

1 V/AU


RS 232

Power supply

100, 115 and 230, 50/ 60 Hz)

Power input

80 VA

Dimensions (W x H x D)

220 x 170 x 450 mm


11 kg

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