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MSU 010 system is designed for high performance continuous ion suppresion required in ion-chromatography with conductivity detection. The mechanism of suppression is based on membrane-mediated exchange of high-conductivity ions (e.g. Na+) for protons (H+) supplied by a regenerant solution(strong acid). The removed Na+ ions are subsequently captured on a standard cation-exchange cartridge, thus re-purifying the regenerant solution for continuous membrane operation. As a result, MSU 010 produces backgrounds conductivity levels below 2 µS/cm, fully compatible with conductivity detection in chromatography of inorganic anions. The ion-exchange regeneration cartridge is packed with ultrapurified monodisperse material. The regenerant solution is circulated by a reliable quiet peristaltic pump.All parts are housed in a smallfootprint chemical resistant cabinet. A complete tubing kit is supplied with the system. MSU 010 is designed for stable unattended operation in anion chromatography mode.The resulting low background conductivity enables highly sensitive detection for a variety of aplications.

*          Improve sensitivity, baseline stability and resolving power

*          Compact design

*          Built-in high performance peristaltic pump

Ideal for anion chromatography



Inner flow

< 2 ml/min

Inner pressure

< 1 MPa

Outer pressure

< 50kPa


< 60°C

pH interval

0 - 14

Internal volume

150 µl

Iontransport capacity*

20 µmol/min



SO42- penetration*

< 0,05%

These values represent optimal system performance and may vary depending on individual system configuration

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