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Flash Preparative Liquid chromatography (FPLC) is a separation method which target is to implement such chromatographic process which is sufficiently effcient, but do not brings so high instrument cost as standard methods. The price - performance ratio survey looks like currently used systems are more the expensive version of old fashioned column chromatography than price attractive version of HPLC.

EVOLUTION is an advantageous system which saves users money. We do not move flash chromatography to the price level of prep HPLC, but we move there its performance and effciency.

We developed a system which can grow together with your needs and existing instrumentation is to be only modified for and not to buy new expensive devices.

This is done due unique modular design which allow to use the same instruments for 12 mm I.D. columns and for prep tubes with inner diameter over 100 mm. There is no compromise degrading usefullness of the system. Each part is carefully designed to be able to work efficiently in the whole range or to be adapted on new conditions.

EVOLUTION can be used with no electronic control, or can be equipped with a modul controlling and programming all system parts and to connect them to the central computer. The modul can be upgraded depending on the user needs the same way as PC computer.






0.5-500ml/min, 450psi

1-1000ml/min, 150psi






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